Thank you for visiting our donation page, we know you have a lot of people and organizations seeking your generosity this holiday season, so we appreciate any consideration of how your support could impact the future of our youth, and the future of your community.

Your donation will support our engagement with the Boys & Girls Club, and help us grow and maintain current work-based learning programs that bridge the separation between education (learn) and experience (work) for students, especially among the disadvantaged populations. 

Given the chance to scale our impact by partnering with more schools and businesses, we will be able to provide valuable opportunities for more teens to learn new skills, gain experiences, adopt strong social skills, and develop positive relationships with adults.

Click here to view our 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 Annual Reports.

We are very THANKFUL for the anonymous donor who has graciously offered a DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR MATCH on all donations through the months of November and December 2018!!