Annual Report 2016

Posted: 07-12-17

Fiscal Year 2016 was a year of incredible momentum and growth, and things are evolving at GPS Education Partners. It feels like a turning point in our history — and it is. We’ve been leading the way in work-based learning in Wisconsin for the past 16 years. But now we’re on a journey to take on the challenges of a growing education and workforce gap at the national level.

We’re creating a new focus and a traction plan to get us there. We’re transforming who we are, what we do and how we do it to provide more value, deliver more results, reach more students, collaborate with more partners, and, ultimately, be the nation’s leading voice in work-based learning.

Read the entire 2016 Annual Report by clicking here.

And thank you to all the amazing partners and supporters who are helping us transform students, schools, businesses -- and communities! 


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