The GPS Educational Model offers accelerated technical education through immersive applied learning, blended delivery structure and personalized learning.GPS Education Partners was launched in 2000, educating five students from a single school and partnering with one business.

Today, GPS is an educational product company and the only manufacturing-specific, statewide Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship Program in Wisconsin. Our innovative, community-based education model sets us apart, and is the catalyst to building strategic partnerships with education, business and community entities. These partnerships enable us to accelerate student preparation in technical careers through powerful, credentialed work-based learning solutions.

We provide students with immersive pathway apprenticeships that lead to promising careers in the technical industry. By being the community connector that bridges the gap in academic achievement, life skills development and technical career preparation, GPS has become the thought and practice leader in offering a model that fosters workforce development and transformative education.

Our model offers an innovative solution for everyone we serve, and effectively addresses the employability and technical skills gaps that exist today. Through our customized learning management system, we personalize students’ education and training, and create more technical career pathways for them to take while simultaneously meeting the needs of businesses.

The GPS Experience is one that educates the entire student and immerses them into a real-time work environment. Our strategic partnerships enable us to provide opportunities for students to develop their employability, character and leadership skills; experience a personalized learning approach that includes an individualized academic and training plan that evolves throughout the program; and the opportunity to learn via a blended-learning structure that features both online curriculum and one-on-one instructional coaching.

GPS Education Partners’ competency-based model is assessed across three levels of understanding:

  1. KNOWLEDGE (Learn)- demonstrated by content understanding - a first level understanding.

  2. SKILL (Do) - demonstrated by application of knowledge - a deeper understanding.

  3. APTITUDE (Be) - demonstrated by the use of the knowledge/skill as a foundation for additional learning- highest level of understanding.